Reinventing Army Surplus, Kilo By Kilo

We don't sell army surplus anywhere else, so no hand picking the best items and selling it at a higher price on different platforms and websites. Whatever treasures we find, it's all in the bundles!


We've been selling army surplus for 50 years

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    Perfect - thank you very much.

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    Excellent kit at a great price. Thank you. Have ordered more.

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    Awesome mystery box, would buy again!

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    Brilliant well worth the cash will use most of the gear in the bag

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    Fantastic item and price. Thank you

Who Buys Kilo Surplus?

We're perfect for collectors, Etsy sellers, vintage shops and more!

  • Collectors

    We've been buying army surplus for 50 years, in that time we'e built up quite a collection, and we're clearing it. You'll find all kinds of treasures in your bundles!

  • Airsoft Sites

    Need some uniforms and kit, maybe some themeing? Buying from us is a cost effective way to build up your kit

  • Etsy & Depop Shops

    Looking for those unique garments with a high margin? You're bound to find some good stock here!

  • Fishermen & Enthusiasts

    Kit yourself out with our kit and never pay too much again.