About Us

We've been selling army surplus for 50 years, we started in 1973 selling items we bought at military auctions. It was a great time to be selling army gear, back then you'd bid on a container and find all kinds of weird things. We'd sell the boots and trousers and put quite a lot of the other items into storage in our warhouse. By 2020 we'd stopped selling surplus to concentrate on our main business (Springfields.co.uk).

This left us with a problem, around 50 tonnes of army surplus that had build up over the last 50 years (a tonne a year isn't too bad!). We didn't want to become a traditional surplus company again, so surpluskilo.co.uk was born! Don't worry, it's not all 50 year old surplus that no one wants, we keep our eye out for a deal too!