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Looking For Military Chic? 

You won't be disappointed (unless you order our equipment only bundle, there's no clothing in there and you'll be left with rucksacks, pouches and bags)

For resellers like you we'd recommend getting either the jacket/smock mix or the the most popular (for you guys) shirt and jacket mix. These are genuine garments in great condition. 

For an idea of your resale value: 

1KG of shirts and jackets costs £9.99 including VAT & delivery.

Shirts retail for £5 - £20 depending on platform. Quite a few of our shirts are german/french/polish which retail for much more

 Our 2KG smock/jacket bundle generally include 3 smocks which retail at a minimum for £19.66 when we last checked, we've got quite a few smocks that sell for £60+ (either DPM Falklands or MTP smocks). This bundle is only £19.99!



Yeah whatever, why don't you just sell them yourself? 

Army surplus isn't our business anymore, we haven't really sold surplus for the last 6 years, we just have LOTS to clear. It takes time to list each item and with our current workload we just don't have the time. 

I still don't believe you, everything is a scam these days

Here is "grandad" selling his surplus with his van in the 1990s and here is our current website, we don't sell surplus anywhere else, but we do have LOTS of surplus to sell, left over from the good old days. We have around 20 tonnes of surplus to clear to make space for new stock. 

Isn't it all small sizes and stuff you haven't sold in the last 50 years? 

No! Just before covid we bought in tonnes of surplus then closed our surplus shop, not only that but some of our clothing went in to storage to only see the light of day again when you buy it, we've even found stuff dated around 1970 in our bundles. 

Can we come and have a look?

Sure, but you can't buy stuff when you look around, it's not fair to sell all the expensive rare garments to people who come and pick, buy a bundle and you won't be disappointed.